Fishers Imports

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay sales tax there since I live in another state? If so, which state am I paying for?

Great question! The State of Indiana requires a licensed dealer to collect State Sales Tax. We collect ONLY the State portion of the sales tax of where your new vehicle will be registered. For example, the city of Chicago, with the Zip Code 60007, has a combined Sales Tax of 10%: 6.25% State Tax + 1.75% County Tax + 1.00% City Tax + 1.00% Special Tax = 10.00% Combined Sales Tax.

We will collect 6.25% State Tax and the difference of 3.75% for the County/City/Special Tax will NOT be collected. You will pay that (if applicable) when you register your vehicle. During the titling process, we will provide documentation that the State Tax was collected on behalf of your residing State and you will NOT need to pay the State Tax portion of your Combined Sales Tax.

Do you offer Financing? If so, what are your rates? If I have a rate quote already, can you match it?

The answer is YES! Our Finance team has a financial portfolio that is very competitive and comprehensive to meet your needs. The relationship that we've built with our lenders allows us the flexibility to offer great rates and extended terms* In turn, we pass that savings on to you! That's just a small part of doing business with us here at Fishers Imports. And it's essential for you to know, when you walk into your bank for a loan, you only hear their options. At Fishers Imports, we have access to 15-20 different lenders. This gives us the ability to match your deal with the best possible lender without endlessly running your credit. If you would like to get started, click here.

Do you deliver? If not, what is the cost of shipping and can I roll the cost of shipping on top of the selling price?

We will deliver your new vehicle, for FREE, to clients within a 250 miles radius of Fishers Imports. Yes FREE! No gimmicks, no fine print or disclosures. For our clients that are over 250+ miles away, we offer shipping assistance.

What does shipping assistance mean? Just like posting a status on your social media, we can post your vehicle for shipping by using an online service and we do not mark up for this service. We have access to a dispatch company that offers competitive rates of which we pass on to you. We will give you an idea of what a Fair Price* would be to ship to your location and start off with that bid. Once we list your vehicle on the online service, we are waiting for a transporter to accept your offer. Once accepted, they will call us with an approximate date for pick up and delivery. We will keep you posted in the interim. We are in no way affiliated with the dispatch company or Transporter, so we cannot guarantee the EXACT delivery date and time for any Transporter.

I would like to come in and see one of your cars, but I am not ready to commit because I want to see it first. Can you hold it with a deposit?

We do NOT accept deposits to hold a vehicle. If you are planning a trip to see a specific vehicle on the SAME DAY…simply call us before your departure to schedule an appointment. A Sales Team Member will verify availability and will place a courtesy hold on it for you until you arrive. It will NOT be sold from under you! Follow these steps to ensure a pleasant experience: (Please have stock number or brief description of vehicle interest ready).

  1. Call us toll free at (866) 447-9514 or (317) 288-0255 and Press 1 for Sales
  2. Provide Stock Number or brief description of vehicle
  3. Once verified, we will place a hold on the vehicle during your travel time and until you arrive
  4. Please provide SAME DAY ETA

And it’s just that SIMPLE!

I want to move forward and I want to buy the car! How can I secure this vehicle and what's the timeframe until I get the car?

Once you’ve decided on the perfect vehicle and are 100% committed, we require a down payment to secure the vehicle and to remove it off the market. We will go over the agreed terms and make sure everything is correct before the paperwork is printed and mailed. We will send the paperwork via certified mail. Please review and sign the necessary documents and send it back with the enclosed certified envelope. As soon as we receive the paperwork back, it will be ready for pickup or listed for shipping. The process from commitment to release of the vehicle takes approximately 5 business days. It’s that easy!

I may have a trade, but would like to get an idea of what it’s worth. Could you give me a number without seeing it?

Yes. We understand that doing business with a dealer that is not local can be challenging. However, we would like to address any of your concerns and wipe away all your worries before your visit. We only need a few things and can give you a preliminary value that’s almost exact and within minutes. We just need the vehicle’s VIN number and current mileage. That’s it! Our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible so that you can make an informed decision.

How do I know if your car is as nice as it is in the pictures? What reassurance do I have because I don’t want to drive 3 hours to find any surprises.

We understand what our clients want because we want the same! When working with a Team Manager from Fishers Imports, we understand the importance of transparency and efficiency. Over 40% of our business is from clients, like yourself, that aren’t near us. So, what is it that we do to make a difference you ask? We will personalize your shopping experience via email or text, Video. Our Team Managers will take videos, pictures and point out any imperfections so that there are no surprises. We understand that these are preowned luxury vehicles and no car is perfect. However, the dedicated Team in our Recon Department takes great pride in making sure our vehicles are showroom ready, so you don’t have to!